Sound recording has an important place in my practice of music and sound design. The captured sounds serve as material for my creations.

I use different types of microphones (contact microphones, hydrophone, pickup mic, electret mic, static etc ...) which are chosen according to the type of sound and the environment.

Most of my samples are available on my freesound page where you can listen to them and download them for free.

Equipment :

  • Recorder : Sound Devices Mixpre 6 & Sony PCM D-100

  • Microphones : Sennheiser MKH 8040s // LOM Uši pro & Mikro Uši

  • Contact mic : JrF C-series (stereo pair)

  • Hydrophone : JrF D-series (mono)

  • Accessories : Rycote suspensions & Bubblebee/Rycote wind cover

  • Power : Hawk woods NP35 lithium-ion battery, SL-1 charger, SD-1 Hirose adapter

  • Headphones : Sony MDR 7506 & Beyerdynamic DT 770

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